Authorized equipments

Limitations and prohibitions on the use of skateboards, bicycles and drones

Activities with prior agreement

All other activities in the snow need a prior agreement with the Station on the modalities of use of slopes and ski lifts. In the safety information disseminated by Sierra Nevada there are specific guidelines on various modes of use such as the following:

  • Sitting skiing for physical disability.
  • Intellectual disability.
  • Pedestrians.
  • Bicycles and snow skates.
  • Electric bikes.
  • Use of drones.
Activities not accepted or subject to conditions
  • For safety reasons, access to ski lifts with dogs, sleds, shovels or plastics is prohibited.
  • Walking the ski slopes can cause collisions with skiers who descend. For excursions with rackets, it is necessary to ask in the Control Tower of Borreguiles if it is possible to make circuits that do not interfere with the slopes.
  • Similarly, climbing against the current with mountain skis and seal skins on an open track is dangerous and can lead to collisions. Practitioners of this specialty should abide by the published user guide.
  • Electric bikes equipped with fat wheels or fatbikes allow you to climb on treaded tracks, but are dangerous for downhill skiers. Practitioners of this specialty should abide by the published user guide.
  • Entering the closed tracks during the day or outside opening hours is very dangerous. For example, machines can be found working, sometimes with winch cables that reach 1,200 m in length.
  • Sliding devices that are not hooked to the body may fall from a chairlift onto other people and therefore cannot be accepted.
  • Sliding with sleds outside the areas prepared for this is a frequent cause of serious accidents and this practice cannot be accepted either.
  • The use of paragliding or snowkite is limited by the danger it poses to ski lifts and other users. It is necessary for the Track Service to designate take-off and landing areas, through the Borreguiles Control Tower, if it is possible to confirm that this practice is at that time safe for other users.
  • Children under 1.25m cannot climb the ski lifts alone, accompanied by an adult.
  • Please note that the current legislation prohibits smoking in ski lifts and access queues.

Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. promotes the enjoyment of snow for everyone, whatever their physical conditions and the device they use to slide. However, snow scooters and snow bikes can pose safety issues for both those who use them and for other users. For this reason, only its use subject to the following conditions will be allowed:

  1. The snow skate or snow bike user undertakes to evolve only by green and blue tracks and related ski lifts.
  2. The appliance must be fastened to the user on a leash in such a way as to prevent it from falling on other users from a chairlift.
  3. The authorization of use may be refused in case of ice or other adverse conditions in the opinion of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A.
  4. The ski or snow bike user must respect FIS standards and behave on piste just like the rest of the skiers.
  5. Failure to comply with the conditions laid down in the preceding points will entail the revocation of the authorisation.

Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. promotes the enjoyment of snow for everyone, whatever their physical conditions and the device they use to slide. However, electric bikes can pose safety issues, both for those who use them and for other users. For this reason, only its use subject to the following conditions will be allowed:

  • The ascending route will enter the Borreguiles Highway to the Nevasol restaurant.
  • The downhill route will go along Carretera Borreguiles and Ribera del Genil, Directa and Puerta de Elvira tracks.
  • The climb will always be on the left of the road and the descent will always pass on the right.
  • Both the ups and downs should be done in a row of one.
  • Reflective vests that are visible shall be worn by the cyclist.
  • Particular attention should be paid to skiers who descend through runway crossings and in areas of high influx. The guide should get off the bike to make way for its customers without interfering with the skiers who come down.
  • It is necessary to respect the signage and indications of the members of the Track Service.
  • The tours will be operational during operating hours, from the opening to the closing of the tracks. Cetursa reserves the right to prohibit the practice of electric bicycle if it considers that the necessary safety or operational conditions do not apply.

The electric bike practitioner passing through the skiable domain should remember the following.

  • You should know that when it goes up, the flow of skiers goes the other way. In the event of a crash, the electric bike user does not carry the preference and may be exposed to civil or criminal responsibilities.
  • Likewise, the up or down of closed tracks carries risks of collision with machines that prepare the tracks or snowmobiles and for this reason it is prohibited. Special attention should be paid to winch machines with a cable of more than one kilometre in length. The danger of collision with these machines or the cables they use for their work can be deadly.
  • In the event of an accident and if the help of the Track Service is required, lifeguards will try to help the injured, whenever possible do so without abandoning their responsibility to maintain safety on the slopes. As the station's customers electric bike users are not users, the rescues will be charged at the current rate. Users are advised to have accident and liability insurance.
  • The electric bicycle in the ski domain is made under the sole responsibility of the wearer. Cetursa Sierra Nevada expressly disclaims any responsibility in a practice that is not controlled by the purchase of a pass for the use of the Station.

The Sierra Nevada Station is a great setting for video shooting. Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. wants to facilitate the shooting using drones, but this activity must be subject to the objective of ensuring the safety of the users of the Station. For this reason, the use of drones must be in the following conditions:

  1. Individuals or companies that intend to use drones in the skiable area are solely responsible for obtaining the necessary administrative permits to carry out this activity. Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. is not responsible for verifying the adequacy of these permits to current legislation.
  2. The use of drones in the ski area requires a specific authorization from Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A., the station's operating company. Such authorization can be requested at the Customer Service Office, in Plaza de Andalucía 4.
  3. The use of drones is prohibited within areas used by the public and is therefore only possible outside the open ski lifts and slopes.
  4. Outside of those areas open to the public, drone pilots accept full responsibility for the safety of people who can transit through the areas where they use drones.
  5. Failure to comply with the conditions set out above or the instructions of the members of the Track Service will imply the revocation of the authorization and may give rise to the responsibilities of the infringer.