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JANUARY 24, 2020
Sierra Nevada plans to open more than 70 km this weekend

The station adds 12 kilometers to the snow part after the passage of the storm. The station improves snow quality in all areas and incorporates new routes, mostly red tracks, from the upper half of the ski domain.

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JANUARY 16, 2020
Sierra Nevada adds new tracks coinciding with World Snow Day

Snow production has allowed new routes to be added in recent days (Maribel or Viper) to 57 kilometers skiable. The resort celebrates World Snow Day this weekend with special products to start skiing or snowboarding

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JANUARY 6, 2020
Sierra Nevada closes Christmas with 140,000 skiers

• Another 40,700 users - from snow activities or ski lifts - raise the figure above 180,000 between 23 December and 6 January, with an average occupancy of 80% • The season, after sunny days and good weather, takes advantage of these days the drop in temperatures to return to produce snow in all areas

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JANUARY 5, 2020
The Three Wise Men arrive skiing in Sierra Nevada by the illuminated track of El Rio

Children and parents welcome their Majesties in Pradollano on a mass ride

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JANUARY 2, 2020
The Three Wise Men will arrive in Sierra Nevada by the illuminated track of El Rio

His majesties will ski down with an entourage made up of ski instructors and competition clubs from the Granada resort

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DECEMBER 24, 2019
Sierra Nevada recovers The Loma de Dílar and the Laguna, partial

The station is recomposed from the last storm and from tomorrow will offer tracks in all areas and more 50 skiable kilometers. La Laguna will have from tomorrow restricted hours (10.00 to 12.00h) with exclusive entrance from Puerta Laguna

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