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MARCH 6, 2020
Lindsey Jabobellis and Alessandro Haemmerle, the best in a wind-cancelled qualifier

The FIS, after cancelling the qualifying today at the start of the second set, decided to repeat the qualifying tomorrow before the final scheduled at 12.00 a.m.

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MARCH 5, 2020
SBX World Cup training day in pictures

Regino Hernandez and Lucas Eguibar test the track of the Loma de Dílar during training, held this morning

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MARCH 4, 2020
The SBX World Cup is presented at the Alhambra as the great winter competition in Spain

• FIS and RFEDI praise Sierra Nevada's sporting commitment and work on building the snowboard cross circuit • Regino Hernandez and Lucas Eguibar are confident of their podium possibilities

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MARCH 3, 2020
Teledeporte, Eurosport 2 and Andalusia TV will offer live the Sierra Nevada World Cup

16 channels from around the world request live television signal produced by Sierra Nevada

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MARCH 3, 2020
Sierra Nevada will have 100 volunteers for the 2020 SBX World Cup

About 100 people are part of the Snowboard Cross World Cup volunteer team. A team of men and women who during this week will devote part of their free time to collaborating in the development of this sporting event.

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MARCH 2, 2020
The world's 100 best riders arrive in Sierra Nevada, penultimate SBX World Cup event

The powerful Italian team, with old acquaintances from Granada station, dominates the general of Snowboard Cross

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