MAY 14, 2020

Sierra Nevada awards the purchase of 100 next generation guns for next season

Cetursa Sierra Nevada has awarded the Italian multinational TechnoAlpin – through Casli, its marketer in Spain – the purchase for 1.8 million euros of 100 cannons of production of snow of the latest generation, of maximum performance in marginal conditions and high efficiency in the consumption of light and water, which will be installed in the ski domain of the Grannadina resort for the next winter season 2020/21.

The new snow production devices will result in the loss of 43 guns acquired between 2001 and 2003 (10 baby tower/arm and 33 Lances CES) whose performance and energy and maintenance costs made it advisable to replace them.

The hundreds of new guns that Cetursa Sierra Nevada has awarded to TechnoAlpin are of the same models as the 33 that were acquired last season and whose extraordinary performance has been endorsed during the 2019/20 season. Thus, the new additions will be 19 TR10 guns (15 fixed and 4 mobile) and 81 of the TL6 model (all fixed).

The new acquisitions will serve, according to the technical approach of the Department of Snow Produced, to reinforce and renew the production system in the backbone of the station, from the top of the Stadium Chairlift (3,000 meters) to Pradollano (2,100 meters) passing through the area Beginners of Borreguiles.

Its installation will have a great impact on the lower parts of the skiable domain, with special prominence in the final sections of tracks such as El Rio, Maribel and Loma de Dílar.

The arrival of the new guns will allow 44 old guns that still have acceptable performance (20 low pressure models M10/12/15/18/20 and 24 high pressure type A9/30) to be repositioned to reinforce manual innivation tracks such as Zahareña or Treasure Fountain.

The modernization of the snow system produced, with high performance models in marginal temperature conditions and with a proven energy efficiency - in water and light consumption-, is part of the central axis of the draft strategic plan of the Sierra Nevada ski resort 2020-30.  This plan is based on environmental sustainability - in a protected natural area - economic and social promoted by a public company such as Cetursa which, with its own funds, will undertake more investments and must be a decisive player in the recovery of activity in its area of influence.

With the new additions, Sierra Nevada will have more than 300 cannons, most of them (more than 90%) automatic while the rest are activated manually.

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