Circuito Cauchiles-Laguna

This running circuit, back and forth along the same route, presents two possible exit points: near the altar of the Virgin of the Snows in the area of Cauchiles or in Borreguiles, in the upper station of the chairlift of the same name. It is a simple circuit with a firm, well-seated floor that runs between 2,600-2,700 meters of altitude. The first part of the route, between Cauchiles and Borreguiles, about 4 kilometers, has hardly any inclination. After passing Borreguiles there is a small ascent from where you can appreciate all the ski areas of winter and see the city of Granada. From there starts the hardest part with the ascent to the Loma de Dílar and the Laguna with the somewhat uneven terrain and an area of great natural beauty.


Length: 10.9 kilometers
Unevenness: 116 meters
Estimated time: 50 minutes