Russian Sledding

The main attraction of the modern activity park of the White Blackbird. The Russian Sled is nothing more than a roller coaster in the middle of nature in which the user controls the descent speed (max. 40 km/hour). Safety is guaranteed at all times.
Mounted on a rail with a fast-paced course of sharp curves, badenes and straights (250 m climb and 550 m. of descent), through which two-seater sleds run.

* If desired, at the end of the tour you can purchase a photograph with indication of the speed at which you have descended the route.

* For your safety, it is important that you attend to the instructions of the personnel in charge of the installation at all times and respect the safety regulations.


Use of one vehicle per person.
To raise two persons (child + adult), the parent or guardian must give express consent.
* Vehicles shall be disinfected after each use with environmentally approved and environmentally friendly products.
** These standards will be updated following the recommendations of health authorities

Allowed time and age

- Opening hours: daily, from 10.00 to 19.00 hours.
- Age: from 3 years (children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult).


1 subida en Trineo Ruso

Prueba un descenso en el Trineo Ruso de Sierra Nevada, un vertiginoso recorrido por las laderas del Mirlo Blanco.


1 climb in Russian Sled

Try a descent into the Russian Sleigh of the Sierra Nevada, a dizzying descent down the slopes of the WhiteBird.


2 Russian Sledding climbs

Includes 2 descents on the Russian Sleigh of the Sierra Nevada, an adventure on the slopes of the WhiteBird.


White Blackbird

Fun is guaranteed in this activity area for children and adults. Roller coaster, bouncy castles, zip line, trampolines, go-karts, engineless cars, mini excavator, crane...

10.00€ 12.00€