Two-seater paragliding

The take-off is done in a simple way: everything is taken care of by the pilot and the passenger must only follow a few simple instructions, take a few steps and let himself be raised by the paragliding, all this occurs smoothly.
Once in the air you will be comfortably seated in the paragliding chair until you return to land.
Recommendations: Baptism flights usually last between 15 and 30 minutes, but two factors should be taken into account: the first of these are the weather conditions that day in particular, and the second, how the passenger feels instantly.
It is important to perform this type of flight with a pilot who has the qualification, mandatory insurance of active tourism of R.C. and A.C.C. of pilot and passenger to fly in two-seater, which gives us a certain guarantee about his criterion to take off in the optimal conditions of safety for the passenger, and to make this an exciting, safe and unforgettable experience.

* Information and reservations on or 958708090


In Spain the Aeronautical Federation requires us to license a two-seater pilot to have the associated insurance covering pilot and passenger
Price: Check rate
Includes: Transport to take-off for two-seater product
Material: two-seater paraglider, two-seater parachute, helmets, harnesses and spokes.
Takeoff: Road of the Neveros, El Purche
Landing: Cenes de la Vega