Trekking ascent to the Mulhacén

The goal of self-improvement is achieved by reaching the highest summit of the peninsula, El Mulhacén, at 3,482 m. and from which you can see the African continent. Periglacial dynamics continue to operate from 2,500-2,600 m. In this way Sierra Nevada constitutes a kind of mountain-island where an ecosystem unique in the world takes refuge. You can enjoy it with a guided tour where you will discover the largest number of endemic species, object of maximum protection for its biological diversity.

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Trekking ascent to the Mulhacén

Minimum 6 people
Organization, coordination and supervision of activities.
Specialized Guide, Assistance and Civil Liability Insurance
Optional (not included): Transfer to activity start zone
Access lifts High Summits
Final meal
Output 3.025 m.
Arrival 3.482 m.

Veleta and Mulhacén Route

Long-lasting itinerary, passing from the northern slope to the southern slope and ascending to the two highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the Veleta and Mulhacén.
Organizes: Nevadensis