AUGUST 16, 2020

Biologist for a day

Activity in which the ski lifts will be taken to reach the area of positions of the vane and will give some tokens to the participants to go looking for Flora of Sierra Nevada (as a bingo or checklist), during the walk in addition to seeing the flora of rocky areas, we will look at the flora of borreguiles that we can find on the way to the Laguna de las Yeguas and Lagunillos de la Virgen. There will be a stop in which we will take advantage to make another game "Memory of High Summits" in which we will see, in addition to flora, some other species of fauna (birds, insects such as butterflies and beetles, small mammals, etc.) that we can find in the upper mountains of Nevadense. This activity is very entertaining and motivating and the participants will be able to recognize some of the most emblematic species of the Sierra Nevada. The games are ideal for learning children and adults.

Interest: Learn what are the adaptations of the flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada, what its importance and interest is, why there is so much biodiversity and to recognize some species in situ.

  • 16 August
  • Place: plaza de Andalucía
  • Time: 09:30