AUGUST 9, 2020

Geologist for a day

Activity in which the ski lifts would be taken to access the positions area of the vane to see the north of the main colossus of Sierra Nevada, then access the Refuge of the Carihuela and see from this area the rest of the summits of the rope of the three thousand meters as well as the views to the south face that allow to appreciate from the highest peaks to the lagoons and other formations of glacial origin. In addition, we will learn how to orient ourselves with a map and a compass and make an orientation game to reach an agreed point. On the route you will pass through the Laguna de las Yeguas and then return to Borreguiles.

Interest: Learn to orient yourself, recognize the main summits of the Sierra Nevada, learn some ideas about the glaciations and the formation of The Sierra Nevada.

  • 9 August
  • Place: Andalusia Square
  • Time: 09:30