JULY 18, 2020

Ruta Lagunillo Mysterious - Chorreras del Molinillo

Climb in ski lifts and from there towards the Lagunillos de la Virgen and Laguna de las Yeguas and then continue towards the Lagunillo Misterioso and from there to the Chorreras del Molinillo.
*Organizes: Integral Sierra Nevada

  • 18 July
  • Place: Plaza de Andalucía (junto a taquillas)
  • Time: 09:30
  • 9 August

    Geologist for a day

    Learn to orient yourself, recognize the main summits, glaciations and formation of the Sierra Nevada. Organizes: Integral Sierra Nevada

    09:30 en Andalusia Square
  • 14 August

    Ruta Veleta - Los Machos

    Acceso en remontes hasta inmediaciones de Las Posiciones del Veleta, inicio de la ruta

    9.00 horas en Taquillas Plaza de Andalucía
  • 15 August

    E-bike Route Veleta Positions - Laguna de la Caldera

    Route with electric bikes. Organizes: Integral Sierra Nevada

    09:00 en Hoya de la Mora
  • 15 August

    Crossing of the Colossus

    Two-day journey to crown the two emblematic peaks of Sierra Nevada: the Mulhacén and the Alcazaba, making night in Siete Lagunas. * Organizes: CV El Dornajo.

    En Mulhacén y Alcazaba
  • 16 August

    Biologist for a day

    Route to learn what are the adaptations of the flora and fauna of Sierra Nevada. Organizes: Integral Sierra Nevada

    09:30 en plaza de Andalucía