Natural and National Park

In its skirts we find the highest concentration of botanical endemisms in Europe

The Sierra Nevada Natural Area, composed of the national and natural park of the same name, impresses with being a large mountain massif with a compact relief and having the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula, the Mulhacen with 3,479 meters. Integrated into the Penibética mountain range extends from southeastern Granada to the western end of Almería. Due to its great landscape variety and to possess exclusive natural values it has obtained various protection figures. In addition to being a Natural Park and National Park, it is internationally recognized as a Biosphere Reserve.

The climatology and the difference in altitudes have allowed a large number of plants to grow inside, especially adapted to difficult conditions. In the high mountain, as in the Veleta or in the Tagus of the Males, to the refuge of rocks and between the natural cracks of the rock, you can enjoy the identification of exclusive species such as the violet of the Sierra Nevada or the star of the snows. At this altitude are also located beautiful valleys of glacial origin such as that of Siete Lagunas. At medium altitude, deciduous forests composed of melojo oaks, maples, wild cherry and chestnut trees dominate the landscape.

These forests change the physiognomy of the landscape along the seasons; during autumn they begin to lose the leaves and it is the ochre colors that predominate; however, with the arrival of spring and the resurgence of new shoots, the intense greens are installed. Already on the lower floors are holm oaks such as the Montenegros and, finally, the riverside forest that accompanies the riverbed.

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