May 20, 2022

Find out what to do in Sierra Nevada this summer


The end of the winter season does not mean that there is no life in Sierra Nevada. The Natural Park and its ski resort offer a wide variety of activities with which to continue discovering this unique landscape during the summer. From taking a dip at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, enjoying the sunshine of the mountains, to entertaining the little ones, not forgetting the hiking and cycling routes with ascents to the main peaks during the months of July and August.

Leisure in Sierra Nevada: summer activities

The range of activities that Sierra Nevada offers its visitors during the summer is aimed at all kinds of preferences. For example, the youngest visitors are guaranteed to have fun in the Mirlo Blanco or in the summer camps, although it is also possible to enjoy a wonderful day out with the family on some of the simpler routes. The offer also expands for those who are looking for a more exciting adventure, with great itineraries in which to discover the peaks of more than 3,000 metres in altitude throughout the Sierra Nevada or circuits on electric or mountain bikes. Even lovers of the sky and astronomy have their place in the starry night sky and in the observatory.

Activities in the Sierra Nevada in summer, a great option for the family

One of the main attractions during the winter for the little ones, the Mirlo Blanco area, is still open in the summer months, with a range of different activities such as the mini-Olympics. On the other hand, in addition to the hiking routes and the visit to the Dornajo interpretation centre, the most intrepid families will have the opportunity to enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset from the Veleta peak. Or, if you are looking for a more relaxing day out, what better than sunbathing at an altitude of 2,200 metres in the heated swimming pool at Pradollano.

Trekking routes and cycling itineraries in the Sierra Nevada in summer

Those looking for a challenge among the crags and peaks of the Sierra Nevada also have a wide range of options. From intermediate level excursions to those who dare to take on the culmination of the 'integral', a route of several days covering each and every one of the peaks of more than 3,000 metres in altitude in the Natural Park. All these routes can be divided into two main groups, depending on whether the visitor prefers trekking or cycling:

  • Main trekking routes: In addition to the 'Integral' mentioned above, which consists of four days spending the night in several refuges and summiting all the three peaks, those who prefer a one-day experience can also climb Veleta and Mulhacén in a route of about eight hours. Los Machos, Elorrieta, Los Tajos de la Virgen or Las Lagunas are other areas that can be visited, always accompanied by a guide.
  • Main cycling routes: Cycling enthusiasts also have their place in the Sierra Nevada, with the possibility of renting both traditional and electric bicycles, as well as the necessary protective equipment. The routes last between 1 and 4 hours, with some of the most representative ones being the ascent to the Veleta, the descent to the Maitena or the visit to Diéchar, which ends in Monachil.

Sierra Nevada, summer and astro-tourism

One of the main attractions of the Sierra Nevada during the summer is its astronomical observatory. Located in a privileged enclave, it allows researchers to carry out unique studies, but this is not its only function. In recent times, astro-tourism has become increasingly important and the Natural Park has one of the best and clearest skies on the peninsula. For this reason, you cannot miss the opportunity to participate in astronomical observation workshops or to observe the Perseid shower during a weekend of total and absolute astronomy, which includes the observation of the sunrise and sunset from the weather vane.

A wide range of summer camps in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada also offers a wide range of summer camps, both leisure and sports. Young people can enjoy a wide variety of activities depending on their preferences. There are camps to learn English while getting in tune with nature, others for athletics or triathlon, with a duration of between one and two weeks in which learning and fun are combined in equal measure.