June 8, 2020

Sierra Nevada to open its summer facilities on Saturday, July 18

  • Pura Montaña" is the slogan of a summer campaign that will launch two ski lifts, swimming pool, the Mirlo Blanco children's resort and the bike park, as well as an extensive nature and astronomy program oriented to families. The station holds, at the expense of what the health authorities dictate, a FEX concert (Apache, July 25) and the rock festival Por Todo lo Alto, on August 28 and 29


The Sierra Nevada ski and mountain resort will open its summer facilities on Saturday, July 18, together with an extensive program of nature and astronomy that will last until September 6, although they are already developing their activity in the great mountain of Granada a good number of restaurants, accommodation and active tourism and nature.

With the slogan of "Pura Montaña", the station will launch two ski lifts (Borreguiles gondola and veleta chairlift), the mirlo Blanco children's resort (Russian sled, tubbing, trampolines, children's zip line...), the heated pool of Club Montebajo or the bike park circuits.

Cetursa Sierra Nevada will implement in all its facilities and summer activities the health measures that are applied at each stage of the de-escalated by the PANVID-19 pandemic, and will install information posters on the safe use of each of them.

Snow fusion trails can be enjoyed free, with access by ski lifts or guided routes. The most demanded astronomy activities "Dawn in the Veleta" and "Sunset in the Veleta" will take place in small groups with prior reservation and specific date (weekends).

The coronavirus pandemic, which has undermined the summer sports program and reduced the offer of summer camps, does not prevent the program of free cultural events at the moment.

Thus, the last concert of the FEX (parallel program of the Granada Music and Dance Festival) is scheduled to be held on July 25 with the performance of Apache. The station has set for August 28 and 29 the celebration of the XI Rock Festival Sierra Nevada for All Lo Alto, although its development - like the Apache concert - is at the expense of what the health authority establishes for this type of events.

At the same time, the station will carry out during the summer maintenance and improvement performances in the winter facilities for the 2020/21 season.