MARCH 5, 2020

SBX World Cup training day in pictures

The Snowboard Cross World Cup kicked off today with the first day of official training at the Loma de Dilar circuit. Riders have tested the perfectly profiled track, with six pereprotes and 12 'air' points, which will mainly favor the most complete riders of the circuit, fast and with good performance in the freestyle part.

Tomorrow the day will begin with an inspection of the track at 10:40, followed by training (from 10:40 to 11:45) and the qualifiers, which will begin at 12:00.

In the afternoon the animation moves to the Plaza de Andalucía, where the public draw of bibs will take place at 18:30 and the concert of the DJs Don Gonzalo and DJ Session, from 19:00

The Snowboard circuit is fully compatible with tourist skiing, so that skiers, who come this Saturday, will be able to enjoy the event and skiing as normal. In addition, pedestrians who want to witness the World Cup final will be able to do so by purchasing a Jara chairlift ticket and some of the combined products for access to stands and other catering services.

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