JULY 3, 2022

Patricia Pineda and Álvaro Gómez win the fearsome Vertical Kilometre in Sierra Nevada

The first three of the Vertical Kilometre of Sierra Nevada 2022


Patricia Pineda (Sportiva) from Jerez and Álvaro Gómez (Brooks) from Granada won today the fearsome Vertical Kilometre of Sierra Nevada, valid for the world circuit of the discipline, in an explosive ascent to the vicinity of the Veleta, which was hardened by strong gusts of wind, especially on the lower and middle levels of the course.

The race also served to crown two regular runners of the Sierra Nevada Vertical Kilometre. Both Patricia Pineda and Álvaro Gómez, with several editions in their legs, have been close to victory, but never, until today, had they climbed to the top of the podium. The Jerez-born rider had a fifth and a third place, while the Granada-born rider was fourth last year.

With a course of 4.8 km and 1,050 metres of positive elevation gain - and always above 2,000 metres of altitude - the winners also followed the same race strategy with a high-pace start to stay in the lead until the end.

"I started out strong as I had planned without going too fast so as to have good legs and arrive strong at the top", said Pineda at the finish line. The Jerez-born runner, who stopped the clock in 54:58 minutes, felt "very comfortable throughout the whole course: "I was able to push as I wanted to. I was alone for most of the race, without looking back.

For his part, Álvaro Gómez, who has run all the vertical kilometres of the Sierra Nevada since 2014, decided, like Patricia, "to set a high pace from the start. The strong gusts of wind penalised all of us from the start, but as we climbed it gradually disappeared".

We went three riders together," he added, "until I managed to catch them near the Borreguiles refreshment post. From then on, until the finish line, I maintained a gap of about a minute", which gave him the victory on the summits of Sierra Nevada with a time of 47:27 minutes.

The Vertical Kilometre Sierra Nevada was the 8th meeting of the VERTICAL KILOMETER OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022 organised by the International Skyrunning Federation.


1.- Alvaro Gómez (Brooks)... 47:27 minutes
2.- Miguel Ángel Trujillo (Sierra Sur)... 48:58 minutes
3.- Ángel Accino (Alpino Benalmádena)... 49:26 minutes


1.- Patricia Pineda (La Sportiva)... 54:58 minutes
2.- Charlotte Coton (Agrupación Deportiva Maratón)... 59:13 minutes
3.- Eva Sayago (Alpino Benalmádena)... 59.45 minutes

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