MAY 3, 2020

THE SBX World Cup in Sierra Nevada produced a media return of 13 million euros

The celebration of the Snowboard Cross World Cup (SBX) held in Sierra Nevada on 6 and 7 March 2020, with the victory of Donostiarra rider Lucas Eguibar, produced an economic return for media impact of 13.6 million euros, according to the conclusions of the study prepared by Kantar Media.

The report notes the SBX World Cup on the Granada station produced more than 5,700 national and international informational references in print and digital press, radio (Spain only), television and social networks with a potential audience of 379 million people worldwide.

With the exception of more than 5,000 references to the event on monitored social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), the impacts of the World Cup on websites of specialized and generalist media were the most relevant in almost all ratios analyzed, with 361 informational references detected (326 million users) with advertising value of 3.2 million euros.

The event generated 96 news in print press with an audience of 14 million readers and economic value of 200,000 euros; radio references reached 340,000 listeners.

The greatest economic return was generated by the production of the television signal. In Spain, where the event was broadcast live by Eurosport, Teledeporte and Andalusia TV, a total of 36 impacts were generated that reached more than 7 million viewers with a commercial value of 2.4 million euros.

However, the distribution of the international signal was both live and deferred, which meant the world's World Cup with 7.2 million euros. Countries such as France, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, China or Canada offered some of the audiovisual products generated by Sierra Nevada and distributed by the FIS through Infront.

The SBX Sierra Nevada 2020 World Cup, which has meant strong support for the Spain, Andalusia, Granada and Sierra Nevada brands, was sponsored by Unicaja Banco, Puleva, Continental, and the support of Mahalo Poke and Domino, s Pizza.

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