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Nestled in a fertile valley of the Sierra Nevada massif and facing the Vega Grandina is the municipality of Monachil, a town that is located just 8 km from the capital and that includes in its Term such marked places as the Veleta peak or the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort.  Its large territory, 90.13 km2, is crossed from east to west by the Monachil River, and has an elongated morphology with slopes ranging from 3,394 m. of Veleta peak to 740 m. where the lowest point of its vega is located.

Monachil preserves the morphology and structure of the serrano nuclei, maintaining the building characteristics of the traditional nucleus, which gives this environment a uniqueness today lost in almost all the villages that make up the environment of Granada.

Thanks to the fortunate enclave in which it is located, Monachil offers a wide, varied and interesting range of possibilities for carrying out sports activities in the natural environment. Routes and trails capable of surprising the passerby through such unique spaces as Los Cahorros, Cerro del Huenes, Trevenque, Collado Matas Verdes, Cerrajón, Diéchar, etc., many of them minutes to perform them on foot, bicycle or horse.

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