Parking Las Sabinas-CAR (Tourism and motorhome transit)

Esta zona de aparcamiento para coches y tránsito de autocaravanas (sin servicio de luz y agua) se encuentra ubicada en la parte baja del Centro de Alto Rendimiento (CAR).

Acceso por vial intermedio, rotonda telefónica 3ª salida.

This parking area for cars and motorhomes (without electricity and water services) is located in the lower part of the High Performance Centre (CAR). Upper-middle part of the urbanisation. Access by intermediate road, telephone roundabout 3rd exit. 

Winter season rate: 5€

  • Location: Next to the High Performance Center (CAR). Medium-high part of the urbanization. Access by intermediate road, dial-up telephone 3rd exit
  • Services: Surveillance of 8 to 18 hours in high season. Price 5 euros Motorhome transit area. Parking and overnight stay are allowed. No electricity outlet or water Urban bus stop.
  • Schedule: 24 hours