April 20, 2022

Sierra Nevada closes its sport calendar with a cross-country skiing event for Ukraine

  • The Andalusian Winter Sports Federation is organising together with Cetursa a spring relay competition to raise funds for the Ukrainian athletes who are living in Sierra Nevada.

Sunday 24th April, at 10am, the last race of the season will take place; a cross-country skiing event with free technique by teams in which both adults and children from 8 years old, Andalusian, national and Ukrainian long-distance runners can participate.

The Andalusian Winter Sports Federation has taken this initiative in order to raise funds to provide as much help as possible to Ukrainian athletes currently residing in the ski resort. For this purpose, apart from the money raised from the registration fees, an account number has been set up for the "Dorsal 0" in order to collect as many contributions as possible.

Cetursa Sierra Nevada has set up a 1km circuit in the Borreguiles area, where the "Team Spring" race will take place, consisting of one lap with relays for children under 16 and two laps with relays for adults.

After finishing the competition, the prize-giving will take place at the finish area. Three awards per category:

ABSOLUTES: Master 2: 1971 or earlier | Master 1: 1972-1981 | Seniors: 1982-2001 | U20: 2002-2003 | U18: 2004-2005 |

U16-U14: U16 2006-2007 | U14: 2008-2009 | U14: 2008-2009 |

U12-U10: U12 2010-2011 | U10 2012-2013 | U12-U10: U12 2010-2011 | U10 2012-2013 |

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