Discover the sky of Sierra Nevada

  • Lugar: Fuente Alta
  • Hasta: 14 de July

Do you want to approach the cosmos with an astronomer from Sierra Nevada? Accompanied by one of the astrónom@s of the Azimuth team, and from the spectacular place of Fuente Alta in the vicinity of Pradollano, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the starry sky of Sierra Nevada, and
observe through the latest technology in large portable telescopes, stars that hide secrets you do not expect, see other galaxies in our local universe, and if possible, even planets such as the spectacular Saturn and Jupiter! We are waiting for you

Schedule : 22:30h to 00:30h

Capacity: minimum/maximum 15 attendees (from 8 years onwards).

Emplacement:  Fuente Alta.

PRICE: 37,50 €