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  • Long Term

    Exclusively on the Sierra Nevada Club Card.

    Long Term From 10 to 25 days - Consecutive or not consecutive. Winter Season and Family Season

    Senior (60 to 69 years) Adult (17 to 59 years) Youth (13 to 16 years) Junior (6 to 12 years) Disc. Adulto / senior
    10 days 328.00€ 410.00€ 328.00€ 243.00€ Buy now
    15 days 493.00€ 615.00€ 493.00€ 363.00€ Buy now
    20 days 656.00€ 819.00€ 656.00€ 483.00€ Buy now
    25 days 766.00€ 955.00€ 766.00€ 556.00€ Buy now
    Winter season 903.00€ 1,128.00€ 903.00€ 678.00€ Buy now
    Family Season 1st forfait 778.00€ 971.00€ 778.00€ 583.00€ Buy now
    Family Season 2nd forfait 661.00€ 825.00€ 661.00€ 496.00€ Buy now
    Family Season 3rd forfait 622.00€ 778.00€ 622.00€ 467.00€ Buy now
    Low Season * 556.00€ 694.00€ 556.00€ 417.00€ Buy now

    Season Pass

    • This ski passes are valid for every day of the winter season. 
    • The Low Season ski passes are valid for all winter season days, except High Season.
    • Holders of a season pass (except for the use of gondola and / or chairlift) will be entitled to a bonus of 50% on the price of the night passes.
    • Children from 0-5 years, junior with disability (from 6-12 years) and senior plus, Free 100%. SOV Payment: 30 €

  • Consecutive Days

    Exclusive for skiers and snowboarders Children from 0-5 years, junior with disability (from 6-12 years) and senior plus, Free 100%. SOV Payment: 5 € / Day

    Adult (from 17 to 59 years old)

    Spring Promotion Low High Season
    1/2 day 36.80€ 38.80€ 39.90€ Buy now
    1 day 37.80€ 45.50€ 47.50€ 48.50€ Buy now
    2 days 70.50€ 82.00€ 87.50€ 96.00€ Buy now
    3 days 104.00€ 121.00€ 126.00€ 137.00€ Buy now
    4 days 130.00€ 155.50€ 161.50€ 173.50€ Buy now
    5 days 149.50€ 179.00€ 189.00€ 207.50€ Buy now
    6 days 175.00€ 214.50€ 226.00€ 247.50€ Buy now
    7 days 188.50€ 231.00€ 243.50€ 267.50€ Buy now

    Senior (from 60 to 69 years old)

    Spring Promotion Low High Season
    1/2 day 30.80€ 31.80€ 32.90€ Buy now
    1 day 30.50€ 36.50€ 38.50€ 39.50€ Buy now
    2 days 57.00€ 67.00€ 71.00€ 78.50€ Buy now
    3 days 84.00€ 97.50€ 101.50€ 110.00€ Buy now
    4 days 104.50€ 125.00€ 130.00€ 139.00€ Buy now
    5 days 121.00€ 144.50€ 151.50€ 165.00€ Buy now
    6 days 140.50€ 172.00€ 181.00€ 197.50€ Buy now
    7 days 151.00€ 185.00€ 195.00€ 213.50€ Buy now

    Youth (from 13 to 16 years old)

    Spring Promotion Low High Season
    1/2 day 32.90€ 34.90€ 35.90€ Buy now
    1 day 34.00€ 40.50€ 42.50€ 44.00€ Buy now
    2 days 64.00€ 74.50€ 79.00€ 87.00€ Buy now
    3 days 94.00€ 109.50€ 114.00€ 124.00€ Buy now
    4 days 117.50€ 140.50€ 146.00€ 156.50€ Buy now
    5 days 135.00€ 161.50€ 170.50€ 186.50€ Buy now
    6 days 158.00€ 193.50€ 204.00€ 223.00€ Buy now
    7 days 170.00€ 208.00€ 219.50€ 240.00€ Buy now

    Junior (from 6 to 12 years old) People with disabilities (from 13 to 69 years old)

    Spring Promotion Low High Season
    1/2 day 23.30€ 25.30€ 27.30€ Buy now
    1 day 24.50€ 29.00€ 32.50€ 35.50€ Buy now
    2 days 45.00€ 52.50€ 56.50€ 63.00€ Buy now
    3 days 66.00€ 77.00€ 83.00€ 92.00€ Buy now
    4 days 81.00€ 96.50€ 103.50€ 114.50€ Buy now
    5 days 98.50€ 118.00€ 127.00€ 140.00€ Buy now
    6 days 115.50€ 141.50€ 151.50€ 168.00€ Buy now
    7 days 123.00€ 151.00€ 162.00€ 179.50€ Buy now

    Children and Senior Plus - FREE 100% - S.O.V. payment 5€/day Children (until 5 years old) /Senior Plus (> 70) / People with disabilities (6 to 12 years old)

    Spring Promotion Low High Season
    from 1/2 to 7 days
  • Non skiers ticket

    These are the tickets exclusive for pedestrians, for access to Parador chair lift and/or gondola to Borreguiles.

    Pedestrian's tickets Gondola and Parador chairlift

    Senior (60 to 69 years) Adult (17 to 59 years) Youth (13 to 16 years) Junior (6 to 12 years) Disc. Adulto / senior
    Non skier ticket for gondola (1 return trip) 9.70€ 17.50€ 15.80€ 9.70€
    Parador chairlift ticket (1 return trip) 6.80€ 6.80€ 6.80€ 4.00€
    Parador chairlift ticket (1 return trip) 4.80€ 4.80€ 4.80€ 3.20€
    Season pass. Exclusive for SN Club members - Sierra Nevada Club Gondola + Parador chairlift 260.00€ 260.00€ 260.00€ 260.00€
    Season pass. Exclusive for SN Club members- Sierra Nevada Club forfait Parador chairlift 110.00€ 110.00€ 110.00€ 110.00€

    • Rates for one trip (ascent or descent ride) or go and return.
    • Also you can buy tickets from 2 to 7 consecutive days.
    • Tickets for accessing the Parador chair lift can be purchased at the ticket machines in the upper, intermediate and lower stations, during opening hours.

  • Special ski passes

    Special ski pass for night skiing or first track activity.

    Special ski passes Thursdays and Saturdays, from 19.30 to 22.00 hours*

    Senior (60 to 69 years) Adult (17 to 59 years) Youth (13 to 16 years) Junior (6 to 12 years) Disc. Adulto / senior
    Night ski pass 15.00€ 18.00€ 17.00€ 14.00€ Buy now
    Ski pass 1 day + Night ski pass 47.20€ 57.20€ 52.20€ 43.30€ Buy now

    • Night skiing on Thursdays and Saturdays, until the operating conditions allow, in schedule from 19.00 to 21.30. (Last ascent 21:30h.)
    • First Tracks on Sundays, for practice ski or snowboard on special schedule, from 7.30 to 9.00 hours (non available this winter season)


Where can you buy your ski pass?

The ski pass and mechanical passes can be purchased through various channels:

  1. Online  
  2. General ticket office.
    • Location: Plaza de Andalucía. Pradollano.
    • Schedule: All days, from 08:00 to 16:30 hours
    • Advance sales 16:30 to 21:45 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and days prior to public holidays from December 5 and night skiing days.
    • Ticket Office at the Peñones parking: ´from 08.30 to 11.00 h. (linked to opening of the Virgen de las Nieves chairlift)
  3. Automatic cash points, located at Andalucía square (close to general tickets offices), Parador chairlift and another one in front of Al-Andalus equipment hire.
  4. Travel agency. They will provide you an immediate agency voucher that you must submit to the General Tickets Office for removing your pack.
  5. Establishments and hotels authorized for sale stores delegate. 

Terms of use.

Accepted on purchase of the ski pass or services and membership to Sierra Nevada Club.

1. The Ski-Pass and Tickets are a Transport Pass which gives the holder the right to use the facilities open to the public within the timetable, calendar days and conditions set for the practise of the outlined activities.

2. To access any mechanical lift on any date it is essential to be the holder and bearer of a ski pass or ticket valid for that lift and that date.

3. The acquisition of a Ski Pass or a service, the use of the facilities or membership to Sierra Nevada Club, equally imply wareness and acceptance of these Terms of Use of the Ski Pass, the Special application conditions, the Rules of Use Of the Mechanical Lifts approved by the resolution of 17/12/84 of the General Transport Directorate of the Regional Government of Andalucía (Andalusian Official Gazette nº 120 of 29/12/84), the Regulations of ATUDEM and the Rules of the International Ski Federation, without any restrictions whatsoever.

4. The price of the Ski Pass and Ticket includes the Mandatory Travel Insurance (S.O.V.) and Value-added Tax and is laid out in the Official Rates and Special Conditions when applicable. The 100% BONUS Fees must pay 5 €/day or 30 €/Long –term Ski Pass for Mandatory Travel Insurance(S.O.V.).

5. Minors must be always supervised by a responsible adult, appointed by their legal guardians.

6. The Opening and Closing dates of the Season, as well as the opening and closing times of the lifts, will be established in accordance with the Meteorological, Operative and Commercial Conditions of the Resort, with the provisional and conditional application rates and dates reflected in the published Calendars.

7. Disruptions, early closure or limited use of ski slopes or lifts, due to technical, meteorological or any other causes, do not give rise to any compensation or reimbursement rights.

8. The validity of the Ski Pass shall be determined by the Calendar in the Official Rates for the current season and in the Special Conditions when applicable.

  • Season and Family Season Ski Pass for use on any day of the current season.
  • Off-peak Season Pass – to be used on any day of the current season except the days defined as PEAK in the calendar of the Official Rates.
  • Non-consecutive Days Ski Pass – to be used on any day of the number of days purchased. Consecutive Days Ski Pass – to be used for the specific dates acquired.

9. The Ski Pass can be acquired through different means:

  • In person at the Official Ticket Office of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. at the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort. Remotely, at the online shop
  • Via Travel Agencies and after exchanging Agency Vouchers in the Official Ticket Offices of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. At Authorised Shops and Establishments.

10. To access any Rate or Offer for age, family unit or personal condition, it will be mandatory, upon request, to submit documents validating the right to said Rate or Offer, or the ownership of the Ski pass, such as ID, family record book, disability certificate or any other evidence of those mentioned in the Special Conditions.

11. The support on which the Pass is topped up is owned by Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. and is issued for use of the ski lifts of the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort with a determined validity, and the owner must preserve it.

12. The acquired and activated Ski Pass, on any support, is personal and non-transferable in enabling the use of lifts solely and exclusively for one holder and bearer during the entire validity period. The use by any other person different than the holder will entail the removal of the ski pass and the cancellation of the rights and services acquired, without any rights of refunds or reimbursements.

13. Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. reserves the right to remove from the facilities and mechanical lifts, recall the Ski Pass, cancel the Sierra Nevada Club membership, withdraw all rights on products or services purchased, without prejudice to any corresponding civil or criminal liabilities which could also be incurred, in the event of improper or dangerous behaviour, failure to comply with the instructions given by personnel, insult or aggression of any kind to other users or workers and generally for non- compliance with the Rules of Use of the Facilities or of the Sierra Nevada Club Card, for which it authorises its staff.

14. Skiing or snowboarding, cycling or other designated activities entail a knowledge of the activity and an assumption of the risks inherent to the activity practiced, explicitly exempting Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. of any direct or indirect liability, so that the user assumes any personal, material or medical risks, as well as the Civil Responsibility and Health Costs resulting from that practise.

15. The user of the lifts authorizes Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. to process and store personal data, data on the use of the Ski Pass and the lifts or visual or telephone recordings that will be included in an automated Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A. file with the purpose of developing the contractual relationship and the transfer of commercial offers. The holder of the Pass in Sierra Nevada may access, change, cancel and, if necessary, oppose the processing of their personal data by writing to Atención al Cliente, Edf. CETURSA, Pza. de Andalucía 4, Sierra Nevada, 18196 Monachil (Granada), or to in compliance with the Royal Decree-Law 5/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Personal Data Protectio

Regulations regarding refunds and exchanges of the pass:

  1. Access to  the  Mechanical Lift involves the  use  of  the  Ski-Pass and  it  does  not  allow making changes or
  2. The nº of unused days of a 1 to 7 Consecutive Days Pass can be exchanged within the following 15 days and be used before the end of the current season by the same
  • In case you acquire the Ski-Pass via a Travel Agency, you can opt for a non-use letter for your Travel Agency for the corresponding      rate calculation.
  • In case of Resort Closure, you can opt for a new rate calculation.
  1. Except for the case detailed in the previous point, in general you have no right to Refund, Reimbursement or Exchange, total or partial, compensation or reparation:
  • Any Ski-Pass used in a day of Early Closure.
  • Any Ski-Pass used for fewer days than those purchased.
  • Offer or promotional Ski-Pass with Special Restricted Conditions.
  1. The Refund, when applicable, is the difference between what is paid and the price of what is used according to Official Rates  (e.g.  a 5-day pass and because of a closure day, the refund applied is the price difference between 5 days and 4 days).
  2. There are 15 days available after the last day of validity to submit the

Conditions of Use of Sierra Nevada Club Card:

  1. The Sierra Nevada Club Card is property of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. and is issued under the names of the Members of the Sierra Nevada Club being the support for the Ski Pass or other
  2. Membership to the Sierra Nevada Club is  voluntary and  free, with the  mandatory awareness and  acceptance of  the  Conditions  of Use of the Ski Pass, the Terms of Use of the Sierra Nevada Club Card and the Special Conditions when applicable, requiring the member or the administrator of the member profile to provide personal data and sufficient supporting documents, committing themselves to the authenticity of
  3. Minors may be members of the Sierra Nevada Club and have a profile administered by another member or not, exclusively under the responsibility of their legal
  4. Passes for 10, 15, 20, 25 Days, Season, Season Family and Off-Peak Season are exclusive to Club Sierra Nevada
  5. The Sierra Nevada Club Card holder is  committed to  its  custody and  good use, and  it  shall be  replaced by  Cetursa Sierra  Nevada  in the case of failure or breakage three years after the date of printing the card. 

CLAIMS AND COMPLAINTS FORMS available for consumers or users who apply for them in the Customer Service Office, at Pza. Andalucía 4 Sierra Nevada.

VAT and Compulsory Travel Insurance are included in the Ski Pass price.

For more detailed information, visit, call 958 70 80 90, or go to Customer Service Office.

CETURSA SIERRA NEVADA S.A Tax Identification Number: A-18005256; Pza. Andalucía, 4 18196 Sierra Nevada GRANADA.Registered at the Mercantil Registry of Granada in the Volume 556 of Holdings, Sheet 009, Page G-5298, Registration 71.


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