Conditions of use of the ski pass

  1. The ski pass and the ticket are transport passes that entitle the holder to use the facilities open to the public in the timetable, timetable and conditions established for the practice of defined activities.
  2. To access any mechanical ski lift on any date it is essential to be the holder and carrier of a ski pass or ticket valid for that ski lift and that date.
  3. The acquisition of a ski pass or service, use of the facilities or membership of the Sierra Nevada Club, indistinctly implies the knowledge and acceptance of these Terms of Use of the Ski Pass, of the Particular Conditions where applicable, the Rules for the Use of Mechanical Ski Lift Facilities approved by resolution of 17/12/84 of the Directorate-General transport of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA No. 120 of 29/12/84), the ATUDEM Regulations and the Standards of the International Ski Federation (FIS), without reservation.
  4. The price of the ski pass and the ticket includes Compulsory Traveler's Insurance and I.V.A,and is detailed in the Official Rates and The Special Conditions when applicable. Rates rewarded at 100% must be paid 5 euros/day or 40 euros/Forfait Long Duration for S.O.V and G.G.
  5. Minors must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult designated by their legal guardian.
  6. The opening and closing dates of the season, as well as the opening and closing times of the ski lifts, will be established according to the weather, operational and commercial conditions of the Station, being reflected in the published schedules the tariff sections and date intervals, planned and of conditional application.
  7. Interruptions, early closure or limited use of pistes or ski lifts, due to technical, meteorological or other causes, do not entitle them to compensation or compensation.
  8. The validity of the ski pass will be determined according to the calendar in the official rates for the current season and particular conditions when applicable.
  9. Pass
    • Seasonal and Family Season Ski Pass – usable on any day of the current season
    • Low Season Forfait – usable on any day of the current season except for days defined as ALTA in the official rate schedule
    • Non-Consecutive Days Forfait - usable any day of the current season on the number of days purchased.
    • Consecutive Days Forfait - usable on specific dates for which it is purchased.
  10. The Forfait can be purchased through different channels:
    • in person at the official ticket offices of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. in the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Station.
    • remotely at the Online Trade Center in
    • Through travel agencies and subsequent redemption of the agency bonus at the Official Box office of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A.
    • In shops and establishments authorized for delegated sale.
  11. To access any rate or offer by age, family unit or personal condition, it will be mandatory to present, upon request, the documentation that validates the right to the aforementioned rate or offer or to the ownership of the ski pass, such as the ID, family book, disability certificate or any other defined in the Particular Conditions.
  12. The support on which the ski pass is recharged is the property of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. and is issued for use of the ski lifts of the Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Station with a certain validity and the holder must guard it.
  13. The ski pass purchased and activated on any medium is personal and non-transferable, and enables the use of ski lift facilities exclusively to a single holder and carrier throughout the validity period. The use of someone other than the owner will entail the withdrawal of the ski pass and cancellation of the rights and services acquired, not proceeding entitled to return or re-guarantee.
  14. Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. reserves the right to expel the mechanical facilities and ski lifts, to the withdrawal of the ski pass, to the cancellation of membership to the Sierra Nevada Club, to the cancellation of all rights in the products or services purchased, without prejudice to the civil or criminal responsibilities that could be incurred, in case of inappropriate or dangerous behavior, in case of inappropriate or dangerous behavior , non-compliance with the instructions given by its staff, insult or assault of any kind to other users or workers and in general, for non-compliance with the rules of use of the facilities or use of the ski pass or Sierra Nevada Club card, for which it empowers its staff.
  15. The practice of skiing or snowboarding, bicycle or other designated activity entails knowledge of the activity and assumption of the risks inherent in the activity carried out, if any, explicitly exempting Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. from any direct or indirect liability, assuming the user personal, material or medical risks, as well as civil liability and health expenses arising from the exercise.
  16. The user of the ski lifts authorizes Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. for the processing and storage of personal data, use of the ski pass and ski lifts or visual or telephone recordings that will be included in an automated file of Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A. for the purpose of the development of the contractual relationship and the sending of commercial offers. The ski pass holder in Sierra Nevada may access, rectify, cancel and, where appropriate, object to the processing of your personal data by writing to Customer Care, Edf. CETURSA, Pza. of Andalusia 4, Sierra Nevada, 18196 Monachil (Granada),
  17. Cetursa Sierra Nevada has hired as a taker, for the 2019-20 season, basic insurance for all its customers with ski passes to benefit from skiing with more guarantees.

    1. FORFAIT gives unlimited access to ski lifts open to the public at set time
    2. TIQUE gives public pedestrian access to an up and/or down on certain ski lifts
    3. 1/2 DAY is valid from 13:00 until the closure of ski lifts
    4. 2 CONSECUTIVE DAYS applies sum of the rate for each day
    5. 3 to 5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS applies the prevailing fee, or more beneficial to equal no days
    6. FAMILY FORMULA of 3 to 7 Consecutive Days applicable to families of at least 3 members with children between the ages of 6 and 25. (If any of the family members are rewarded it will not compute for the application of the family formula)
      • A couple with 1 child presenting Family Book.
      • Father or mother plus 2 children from 6 to 25 years old presenting Family Book.
      • 3 or more children ages 6 to 25 presenting Family Book.
    7. FAMILY SEASON in the purchase of two or more ski passes in the same family unit that includes one or both parents under 70 years and children from 6 to 25 years, providing the family book and applying in order Family Season Rate in each category. P.e:
      • adult father and two children from 6 to 15 years old —> 1oFFAdult + 1oFFInfantil + 2oFFInfantil
      • parents aged 59 and 60 and children aged 24, 15 —> 1oFFAdult + 1aFFSenior + 2oFFAdult + 1aFFInfantil
    8. PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY with Disability Accreditation in accordance with Article 2 of Royal Decree 1414/2006 and D.N.I. (except Special, Family Formula and Tiques)
      • 16 to 69 years applies Adult Rate
      • 6 to 15 years BONUS (mandatory payment S.O.V and G.G.)
    9. NON-CONSEQUENTIAL DAYS usable on any day on the number of days purchased whether or not at high or long term rate, non-refundable and non-extendable.
    10. The holder is responsible for the Forfait card, and may request the REIMPRESION Service at 10o at the Customer Service Office, in case of forgetting, loss or deterioration.
    11. The ACCIDENT RESCUE and transfer within the managed domain and on tracks open to the public is included in the price of the ski pass.

    1. ADDITIONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE, you should consult coverage, conditions and rates offered by the insurance company
    2. ACCIDENT RESCUE OUT OF CLOSED TRACKS AND TRACKS (hourly or fraction price)
      • Pistero or Lifeguard ---------------------- 85 euros/h
      • SnowMobile with Driver -------------- 165 euros/h
      • Pisapistas Machine with Driver ----- 230 euros/h
    3. SPECIAL FORFAIT in established areas, dates and times, from the start date of this activity.
      • NIGHT Saturdays after regular hours (except 24 and 31 December)
      • Season and Family Season Forfait holders can benefit from a -50% discount on the NIGHT rate.

    1. Access to the mechanical ski lift involves use of the ski pass and prevents making, change or return.
    2. The no unused days of a ski pass of 1 to 7 Consecutive Days may be redeemed within 15 days and used before the end of the current season by the same holder.
      • In the case of ski passes purchased through travel agency you will have to request a 'Non-Use Letter' for your travel agency always waiting for the last day of the validity of the ski pass.
      • In case of non-opening of the station, retarification may be opted out.
    3. Except for the case detailed in the previous point, you are generally not entitled to a refund, refund or redemption, in whole or in part, compensation or compensation:
      • Any ski passes used on an early closing day.
      • Any ski pass used a smaller number of days than purchased.
      • Offer and/or promotion forfait with particular restricted conditions.
    4. Retarification, when applicable, is the difference between what is paid and the price of what is used at Official rates (e.g. a 5-day ski pass and due to a day of non-opening, the retarification applied is the price difference between the 5-day and 4-day ski pass).
    5. It is available 15 days after the last day of validity for filing applications.

      1. The Sierra Nevada Club Card is owned by Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. and is issued on behalf of Sierra Nevada Club members being the support of the ski pass or other services.
      2. The membership of the Sierra Nevada Club is voluntary and free, being indispensable the knowledge and acceptance, of the conditions of use of the ski pass, the conditions of use of the Sierra Nevada Club Card and the particular conditions when applicable, the member or the administrator of the membership profile must, provide sufficient personal data and supporting documents, committing to the veracity of the same.
      3. Minors may be members of the Sierra Nevada Club and have a profile managed by another member or not, exclusively under the responsibility of their legal guardian.
      4. The 10, 15, 20, 25 day, Season, Family Season and Low Season ski passes are exclusive products for Sierra Nevada Club members.
      5. The holder of the Sierra Nevada Club card undertakes to custody of the same and to good use, being replaced by Cetursa Sierra Nevada in case of malfunction or breakage after three years from the date of printing of the card. If the date of printing of the card is less than 3 years, the customer will have to pay 10 euros for the reprinting service.

    COMPLAINTS AND CLAIMS SHEETS available to consumers or users who request them at the Customer Service Office, Plaza de Andalucía, 4 - Sierra Nevada.

    • Check the weather forecast and the opening of facilities, as well as the conditions and regulations of redemption and return, before purchasing or using the ski pass. Available at the Customer Service Office,, 958 708090 and general lockers.
    • Keep the proof of purchase and review it. If there are any errors do not make use of the ski lifts and go at the time to the point of sale or the Customer Service office.
    • Ski passes are personal and non-transferable, cannot be loaned, assigned or resold in any case or will be removed and blocked, losing all rights.
    • Smoking, alcohol or other narcotic substances are not allowed in lifts, accesses and access queues.
    • There are marked points for image capture for the management of services and security guarantee in compliance with Royal Decree-Law 5/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Data Protection.
    • Animals are not allowed in ski lifts and pistes in winter season.
    • It is not allowed to walk or make use of sleds, shovels or other objects to glide in the snow in ski areas.
    • Tickets for a climb and descent on the gondola lift are exclusive for pedestrians without ski or snowboard equipment, bicycle and any other equipment.
    • VAT and Compulsory Traveler's Insurance included in the price of the ski pass.

    More information at or at cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A.'s Customer Service Office, Phone 958 708090 Fax: +34 958 249 182

    • Online exclusively with bank card.
    • Presence in cash up to a maximum of 2,500 euros or by bank card