Conditions of use of the ski pass




  1. The user declares to have read and accepted these general conditions prior to acquiring the ski pass, assuming all that this entails.
  1. The ski pass and the ticket are transport passes that entitle the holder to use the facilities open to the public at the time, calendar and conditions established for the practice of defined activities.
  1. To access any mechanical lift on any date, it is essential to be the holder and bearer of a valid ski pass or ticket for that lift and on that date.
  1. The planned dates of start and end of the season, as well as the opening and closing times of the ski lifts, will be established according to the meteorological, operational and commercial conditions of the ski resort.
  1. The validity of the ski pass will be determined by the date of its use for the current season and/or by the particular conditions when applicable.
  1. The rates applied by Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A. can be fixed or dynamic and can vary. These rates will be those published in the different sales channels, where the prices of the products per day for each type of ski pass and category will be reflected. The price of the product per day for each type of ski pass will be reflected in the purchase calendar of the online store and it may evolve depending on the proximity of the date and any other condition that the company may consider. Rates may vary for the same type of category and duration depending on the purchase form and place of the ski pass or ticket, with online sales taking precedence over those made in vending machines or, where appropriate, at the Customer Service Center.
  1. Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A. may establish specific special conditions for each type of ski pass or ticket, as well as for those acquired in any of its commercial campaigns. Such special conditions will prevail over the general ones. Each service provider and each promotion have their own cancellation and/or modification policy, which is detailed in the description of the services at the time of purchase.
  1. The price of the ski pass and the ticket includes a Compulsory Traveler’s Insurance (hereinafter “S.O.V”) and VAT and it is detailed in the official rates and in the conditions when applicable. The ski pass or ticket with the best rate price includes S.O.V. and Management Expenses (hereinafter “G.G.”). The rates category Benjamin, Senior Plus, Disabled Infantile must pay €8 per day or €64 per Long Term Ski Pass for S.O.V and G.G.. All ski passes or tickets that for any justified reason have a commercial discount will be required to pay € 8 per day or € 64 per long-term ski pass for the S.O.V and Management Expenses. Exclusive online.
  1. To access any rate or offer by age (Senior, senior plus, Infantile or Benjamin) or personal condition: large family or disability, it will be mandatory to present the documentation that validates the right to the aforementioned rate or offer or to the ownership of the pass, such as the ID., family booklet, large family card, certificate of degree of disability or any other defined in the Particular Conditions. Exclusive online.
  1. People with disabilities: it will be mandatory to provide the Accreditation of Disability in accordance with Article 2 of Royal Decree 1414/2006 and ID. (except Special, Family Formula and tickets). Online exclusive.
  1. For the acquisition of Ski Pass or ticket at the best rate price (Benjamin, Senior plus, etc.) it will be mandatory to present the documentation that validates the right to the aforementioned rate in advance at the time of purchase. Exclusive online.
  1. Minors must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult or someone designated by their legal guardian.
  1. The rescue of injured persons and transfer within the managed domain and on slopes open to the public is a courtesy service provided by Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A for those clients with a valid ski pass.
  1. In case of contradiction between the information of the resort’s report, the information provided by any other means and the signaling on the track, the access prohibition or the most restrictive indication in each case will always prevail. 


  1. Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A. may sell Ski passes or Tickets with different conditions of access to the lift than those of the rest of the passes (for example, Fast-Pass or Disabled, with or without a companion of the person or group, according to the particular conditions that are establish). The accesses for said Ski passes or Tickets will be duly signposted and the rest of the users of the resort will not be able to use them.
  1. The Ski Pass can be purchased through the following channels:
  1. On-site sale:
  1. At the windows of the Cetursa User Service Center (CAU), at the Sierra Nevada Ski, Snowboard and Mountain Resort, if the sale is enabled thereat, having the company the right whether or not to enable said option:
  1. At the vending machines located in Pradollano and in the underground parking of the Plaza de Andalucía 24 hours a day (Child and Adult categories only).
  • ½ day, 1 day and consecutive days (Only Child and Adult categories), as well as pedestrian ticket.
  • Long-term products and all those that require validation of documents are excluded from on-site sales at the window, the sale of which will be managed exclusively online and prior to the customer's arrival at least 36 hours before.
  1. In the on-line Trade Center, on the web 
  2. In the official mobile application of Sierra Nevada.
  3. In travel agencies. The agency voucher must be presented at the windows of the User Service Center and at the cashier with the QR code corresponding to the reservation.
  4. Through the delegated sales system in the establishments adhered to this program.

 Ski pass 

  1. Cetursa Sierra Nevada SA reserves the right to carry out the internal controls it deems appropriate (including the capture of personal images, recordings, etc.) and may require the presentation of official documentation that verifies the identity of the holder of the ski pass, the category, promotion or achievement in order to avoid fraudulent use of the ski pass and guarantee compliance with the conditions assumed by the client.
  1. The acquisition of a ski pass or a service, the use of the facilities or the membership of the Sierra Nevada Club, indistinctly imply the knowledge and acceptance of these Use Conditions of the Ski Pass, of the Particular Conditions when applicable, the Rules for the Use of the Mechanical Lift Facilities approved by resolution of 12/17/84 of the General Directorate of Transport of the Regional Government of Andalusia (BOJA [Official Andalusia’s Gazette] No. 120 of 29/12/84), the ATUDEM Regulations and the Regulation of the International Ski Federation (FIS), without any reservation.
  1. If during the operation of the Ski Resort, for security or other justified reasons, the Directorate of the resort is forced to close facilities and tracks to the public due to technical, meteorological or any other causes, this does not necessarily oblige the refund of the amount of the ski pass, compensation or indemnification. A single use of the Ski Pass or ticket will apply these conditions.
  1. Interruptions, early closure or limited use of slopes or lifts, due to technical, meteorological or any other causes do not give the right to any compensation or indemnification. See special conditions regarding COVID-19 in its specific annex attached.
  1. If for force majeure reasons Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. is forced to limit the capacity to the ski area and facilities, no compensation will be granted.
  1. The practice of skiing, snowboarding, mountain skiing, activities in the snow, bicycle, or other designated activity entails knowledge of the activity and assumption of the risks inherent to the activity practiced, if any, explicitly exempting Cetursa Sierra Nevada SA of any direct or indirect responsibility, assuming the user the personal, material or medical risks, as well as the civil responsibility and health expenses derived from that activity.

Sierra Nevada Club Ski Pass Card

  1. The Sierra Nevada Club Card is property of Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. and it is issued in the name of the holders thereof, being the personalized support of the pass or other services with a determined validity, and must be guarded by its holder.
  1. Minors may be holders of the Sierra Nevada Club Card and have a profile managed by another adult (user or not), exclusively under the responsibility of their legal guardian.
  1. The Ski Passes of 10, 15 or 20 day, Season, Family Season and Season from Monday to Friday, will be exclusively purchased at the Trade Center for people who are holders of the Sierra Nevada Club Card.
  1. The Sierra Nevada Club Card (physical or virtual) is voluntary and the request and its use implies knowledge and acceptance of the use conditions of the ski pass, the use conditions of the Sierra Nevada Club Card and the particular conditions when applicable. The holder or administrator of the user profile must provide personal data and sufficient supporting documents, committing to the veracity thereof.
  1. The Holder of the Sierra Nevada Club Card agrees to the custody and proper use thereof, being replaced free of charge by Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A in case of malfunction or breakage. If the card's printing date is less than 3 years, its holder must pay €10 for reprinting. Such reprint may be requested electronically, through the user profile within the established periods. You can only request reprinting “in situ”, due to breakage or loss during the ski day, going to the User Service Center (CAU). 


  1. The customer may request the cancellation without costs of the ski passes purchased and not used until 11:59 p.m. of the day before the date of the first day of validity of the ski pass. Such request will be made through the web if you made the purchase online, and at the ticket offices if you made the purchase at the cashier or ticket offices. Offers and promotions are excluded. After this time limit, the cancellation will carry management fees.


  1. A single access to the ski lift implies the use of the ski pass and prevents changes or returns.
  1. Once the validity period of a ski pass has started from 1 to 7 consecutive days, the customer may request a refund of the unused days through the website or any of its subdomains where the purchase was managed. Offers and promotions are excluded.

The Benjamin, Senior plus and Disabled Infantile categories will not be entitled to a refund of unused days.

  1. The payment of said days will be made for the amount corresponding to the arithmetic average of the number of days acquired and not enjoyed:
  1. Customers who have made the purchase on will proceed to the corresponding refund, by request through web form. This procedure involves management fees of € 8 per ski pass.
  2. Customers who have made the purchase at cashiers or general ticket offices, may request a refund by presenting themselves at general ticket offices with the ski pass support and the purchase receipt. This procedure involves management fees of € 10 per ski pass. The return will be made through the same means of payment of the purchase.
  1. In the case of a ski pass purchased through a travel agency, the customer must request, if applicable, the corresponding refund from their agency. To do this, he/she must present at the agency the purchase receipt issued at the ticket offices and/or the cashier of the Sierra Nevada ski resort at the time of withdrawal of the ski pass. The agency will be the one to proceed with the corresponding return, once the non-use of said ski pass has been confirmed by Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A.
  1. In case of non-opening of the ski resort, the customer who purchases the ski pass at general ticket offices, vending cashiers, delegated sales or as a Sierra Nevada Club Card holder, may choose the return it in his/her purse or through the same means of payment of the purchase from the last day of validity of the ski pass.
  1. Except in the cases detailed in the previous points, in general, customers will not have the right to a return, total or partial refund, compensation or indemnification:
  1. Any used ski pass
  1. Offer and/or promotion ski pass with restricted particular conditions.
  1. The maximum period for submitting requests for “NO USE”: up to 15 days after the closing date of the current season in the user profile in case of being holders of the Sierra Nevada Club Card, or in in case of having acquired the ski pass by any other means.


  1. The ski pass or ticket purchased and activated on any means is personal and non-transferable and enables the use of the ski lift facilities exclusively to a single holder and carrier during the entire period of validity. Fraudulent use, use by someone other than the holder or use of a ski pass or ticket of a category or type of lower price than the corresponding amount, as well as the falsification of the documentation presented will lead to the removal, annulment and electronic cancellation of the ski pass or ticket and the annulation of the rights and services acquired, not proceeding with the right to refund or compensation, the fact being communicated to the competent authority. Additionally, the sanctions indicated in the following section will be imposed.
  1. SANCTIONS: The use of a ski pass, ticket or pass of a category lower than that corresponding to the user, or that has been previously used by a person other than the current carrier, will be sanctioned in the following terms:
  1. with the removal, annulation and electronic deactivation of the title or titles loaded in the ski pass, ticket or pass.
  2. with the unsubscription, where appropriate, of the Sierra Nevada Club and the annulation of the rights and services acquired:
  3. The user may regain ownership of Sierra Nevada Club, paying the following sanction: amount of 100 euros for each day of infringement.
  4. The user will be penalized with the loss of the promotion or discount in the current and the three following seasons.

Said sanctions may be applied retroactively if the company detects, through its own verification systems, the fraud committed.

  1. Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. reserves the right to the expulsion from the facilities and ski lifts, to the removal of the ski pass or ticket, to the cancellation of the Sierra Nevada Club Card, to the cancelation of all rights on products or services purchased, without prejudice to the civil or criminal responsibilities that he/she could additionally have incurred, in the event of inappropriate or dangerous behavior, non-compliance with the instructions given by the staff, insult or aggression of any kind to other users or workers and, in general, for breaching the use rules of the facilities or use rules of the Sierra Nevada Club Ski Pass or Card, for which it empowers its staff.


  1. The user of the ski lifts authorizes Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A. for the treatment and storage of personal data, for the use of the ski pass and the lifts or visual or telephone recordings that will be included in an automated file of Cetursa Sierra Nevada, S.A. with the purpose of developing the contractual relationship and sending commercial offers. The ski pass holder in Sierra Nevada may access, rectify, cancel and, where appropriate, oppose the processing of their personal data by writing to Customer Service, Edf. CETURSA, Pza. de Andalucía 4, Sierra Nevada, 18196 Monachil (Granada), or to
  1. It is the power that the user has to cancel a contract in certain cases without having to justify his/her decision or assuming any penalty. In accordance with article 93 k) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, it does not apply to passenger transport service contracts. For this reason, the right of withdrawal does not apply to reservations of person transport services. In this way, in the event that the user expresses his/her willingness to cancel the contracted tickets/SUBSCRIPTIONS, the cancellation conditions of the corresponding transport operating company will apply.
  1. According to article 103a. Exceptions to the right of withdrawal, of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 by which the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved. The provision of services, once the service has been completely executed, when the execution has begun, with the prior express consent of the consumer and user and with the acknowledgment on his/her part that he/she is aware that, once the contract has been completely executed by the entrepreneur, he/she will have lost the right of withdrawal. 

Complaints and claims Forms 

Electronic system

Available to consumers or users who request them at the Customer Service Office, Pza. Andalucía 4 Sierra Nevada during its opening hours to the public.

The accepted forms of payment are: 

  • Online exclusively with a bank card, bizum or financing (in certain cases)
  • In person in cash up to a maximum of € 1,000 or with a bank card.


Sierra Nevada wants to guarantee the use of the products purchased, for this we offer for the seasonal ski passes a table of compensations in case of possible confinements, both when they affect the clientele and the station itself. 


A) Only from 0 to 30 days 100%
B) Only 31 to 60 days 80%
C) Only from 61 to 90 days 50%
D) Only 91 to 120 days 25%
E) more than 120 days 0%

* Compensations / refunds will be made by re-pricing, applying the following rate: Adult: € 51 / day; Children: 33 € / day; Senior: 40,50 € / day

Example: a customer with renewal of FF Season in advance purchase and who has skied 10 days, with a closing panorama in the month of February: Purchase € 1,250 -20% = € 1,000

Compensation: 10 days x 51 € = 510 €> February 50%> 1.000 € - 510 € = 490 € / 50% = Return 245 €

In general, the seasonal ski pass will be considered to be amortized by the use of 25 days (it is considered used when the ski pass is activated with the passage through a lathe / day)


1.-The days not used the previous season (2020/21) will be used in the 2021/22 season, as long as a ski pass of at least 10 days is acquired.

2.- The days acquired and not consumed in this season of a Long Duration ski pass (10, 15 and 20 days), may be accumulated * for the following season, provided that a new product of equal or greater duration is purchased again.

(*) This measure will be taken as a general rule (COVID scenario or general use)

Ski pass or ticket applying the corresponding rates according to calendar and season.

SKI PASS.- PERSONAL AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. It gives unlimited use of the ski lifts open to the public at the established time.

CATEGORIES: at the time of purchase

Adult: from 16 to 59 years old

Children: from 6 to 15 years old. Mandatory supporting document.

Senior: from 60 to 69 years old. Mandatory supporting document.

Benjamin: 0 - 5 years. Mandatory supporting document. The corresponding discount applies exclusively to online purchases. 

Senior Plus: over or equal to 70 years. Mandatory supporting document. The corresponding discount applies exclusively to online purchases. 

Adult with disabilities = Child or Senior rate with disability = Benjamin or Senior plus rate. The corresponding discount applies exclusively to online purchases. 


1/2 DAY: valid from 13: 00h until the closing of the ski lifts.

DAY or NIGHT: valid for the date purchased at the established time.

2 to 7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS: valid for the date purchased.

FAMILY FORMULA FROM 3 to 7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS: exclusive online purchase. Minimum 3 members of the same family unit. Mandatory supporting document. (If any of the family members is subsidized, it will not count towards the application of the family formula).

LARGE FAMILY: from 1 to 7 days. Exclusive online purchase. For members of the large family skiing individually. It will not apply to ski passes of bonus categories.

DAYS OF FREE USE: valid for any day of the season consecutively or not.

  • 5 days: non-refundable.
  • 10, 15, 20 days: unused days may be accumulated for the following season, as long as a long-term ski pass of at least 10 days is purchased.

SEASON: valid for all days of the season.

FAMILY SEASON: exclusive online purchase. Minimum 2 members of the same family unit to include one parent under the age of 70 and children from 6 to 25 years old. Mandatory supporting document

SEASON MONDAY TO FRIDAY: valid for all days of the season except weekends, national holidays and Andalusian day.

TICKETS: gives pedestrian access of a rise and / or descent in certain ski lifts.

  • Gondola: 1 climb + 1 descent. Exclusive pedestrians, not valid for skiers or snowboarders.
  • Chairlift Parador: up or down and up and down.

    1. RESCUE OF INJURED PEOPLE OFF TRACKS and CLOSED TRACKS (price per hour or fraction)
      1. Pistero / lifeguard: 85 € / hour (120 € / hour outside operating hours)
      2. Snowmobile with driver: 165 € / hour
      3. Pisapistas machine with driver: 230 € / hour
      4. Pick up by motorcycle inside open tracks of people NOT injured: 25 € / unit rate per person
      5. Dangerous rescue or outside the ski area: Plus of € 250 / unit per rescue.

        Slope area:
        includes the set of slopes, prepared and eventually conditioned routes, reserved for the practices authorized by the ski resort.

        Closed track: access to the ski area is prohibited after the closure of slopes. It is usually closed due to the conditioning of tracks, due to a danger higher than normal for users or authorized closure for specific sports and leisure activities. The signs of track closure or warning of danger must be respected by the users, the station is not responsible for their non-compliance.

        Off-piste: unprepared or unsonded areas located between slopes or around the skiable prepared area; area not marked or protected from the dangers of the mountain. It is an area, not supervised by the ski resort, although it is within its skiable domain, the resort is not responsible for any off-piste incident, the responsibility lies with the person who accesses, whatever their sports practice.

        Invoice payment: In the event that you do not make the payment of these services at the end of the rescue, the acquirer of FF accepts the charge of the invoices generated by the ransom itself on the card used in the purchase of the ski pass.

These conditions apply to promotional codes, which must be inserted during the purchase process in order to proceed with their redemption.

  1. Promotional codes are redeemed on the website, for the purchase of certain products.
  2. Management costs (8 € per person) are not included in the code.
  3. The promotional code cannot be redeemed for money and is not transferable or assignable to another person.
  4. To pay the management fees you must enter a credit or debit card to cover the remaining amount.
  5. Promotional codes expire according to the terms and conditions indicated in the offer or promotion.
  6. If the promotional code is specific to a product, it can only be redeemed for that product.
  7. The Terms of Use and Sale of
  8. Only one promo code can be used per order. If you have entered more than one promotional code for your order, we will automatically use the first code you entered, since two promotional codes cannot be used in the same order.
  9. If a promotional code has been entered but the order has not yet been processed, the code will not have to be re-entered when another order is completed that allows the same promotional code to be used.
  10. There may be restrictions on the use of promotional codes on certain products.

  1. Before using or purchasing the ski pass, check the weather forecast, forecast of the opening of facilities, as well as the conditions and return regulations available at the Customer Service Office, on our website, on the phone 958 708090 and / or at the general ticket office.
  2. Keep the proof of purchase and review it. If there is an error, do not use the ski lifts and go immediately to the point of sale or the Customer Service office.
  3. The ski passes are personal and non-transferable, they cannot be lent, assigned or resold in any case or they will be withdrawn and blocked, losing all rights.
  4. It is not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol or other narcotic substances in ski lifts, accesses and access queues.
  5. There are marked points of image capture for the management of services and security guarantee complying with Royal Decree-Law 5/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Data Protection.
  6. Animals are not allowed to access ski lifts and slopes in the winter season.
  7. It is not allowed to walk or make use of sleds, shovels or other objects to slide in the snow through skiable areas.
  8. The tickets for getting on and off the gondola lift are exclusive for people who do not have ski or snowboard equipment (pedestrians), or bicycle or any other material.
  9. VAT and Compulsory Travelers Insurance included in the price of the ski pass.
  10. More information at or at the Customer Service Office of Cetursa Sierra Nevada SA, Phone 958 708090


  1. Online with bank card or BIZUM.
  2. In person:
    • In cash up to a maximum of € 1,000
    • With Credit card


Available to consumers or users in, at the Customer Service Office, Pza. Andalucía 4 Sierra Nevada.

Complete information on:, 95870800, Customer Service Office.


Pza. Andalucía, 4 18196 Sierra Nevada GRANADA.

Registered in the Mercantile Registry of the province of Granada. Volume 556 of Societies, folio 009, sheet no. G-5298, inscription 71.


  • Online, with credit card or BIZUM.
  • In person in cash up to a maximum of € 1,000 or by credit card


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